BlackBerry CEO John Chen says BlackBerry’s role in “the new era of computing” is “more necessary than ever”

BlackBerry CEO John Chen believes BlackBerry’s role in “the new era of computing” is “more necessary than ever”, because of some of its core strengths around security. He points out they already power many embedded systems with its QNX operating system.

Chen notes BlackBerry will cater more to enterprises; regulated industries such as finance, law enforcement, government and healthcare; and is not dropping devices, but will add other income from enterprise segments. It is also investing in emerging solutions such as machine-to-machine technologies that “will help to power the backbone of the Internet of things”.

“Although not widely known, QNX is at the ultra-secure core of our smartphones, but it also powers a range of essential industrial, automotive, military and medical systems for which security and reliability are absolutely essential,” says Chen.

Applications designed around QNX include wearable GPS and communication systems for ground troops, unmanned aircraft control systems, steam turbine controls, nuclear power monitoring, advanced driver assistance in cars, and a range of medical diagnostic and monitoring equipment, says Chen.

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“So when BlackBerry talks about focusing on the emerging needs of the enterprise, this is what we’re talking about. Those needs are changing, just as they did in previous eras of technological change – such as the advent of desktop computing and the rise of mobile.”

Chen says the company’s offerings will be essential to the next era of computing:

“An era in which mobility is fully integrated with the underlying systems that keep the modern world operating.”

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