NSN, NYU WIRELESS host first Brooklyn 5G Summit

Mobile industry leaders, academia to explore the future of 5G wireless

Nokia Solutions and Networks and the NYU WIRELESS Research Center at the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering are jointly organizing the first Brooklyn 5G Summit, held April 23-25 in Brooklyn, New York. The invitation-only event will bring together wireless and mobile industry research and development leaders in academia, business and government to explore the future of 5G wireless technology, with special focus on antennas, propagation and channel modeling. This inaugural event is slated to be an annual forum to discuss trends and the next steps toward understanding and framing the world’s 5G wireless technology.

The Brooklyn 5G Summit will look beyond the hype and enable industry and academia to define 5G together. It will explore existing measurements and models that characterize wireless channels at frequency bands above 6 GHz, and will initiate the derivation of further research and standardization activities aimed at creating 5G channel models based on measurements. The Summit will also explore and define antenna technologies that exploit the beamforming gains at higher frequency bands.

“Demand for data transmission is skyrocketing, and while the millimeter wave spectrum and new technologies hold the promise of increasing consumer peak data rates by up to a thousand-fold over today’s cellphones, it is vital that corporate leaders and governments step up their timetable to commit to opening up the spectrum above 20 GHz while launching standards activities for bringing about innovation that will spawn tremendous advances in consumer products,” said ProfessorTheodore S. (Ted) Rappaport, conference organizer and founder and director of NYU WIRELESS.

“The Brooklyn 5G Summit will bring together the top minds throughout the globe to accelerate our drive for solutions.”

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Discussions will be centered on cutting-edge themes, including:

  • Requirements and technologies for 5G;
  • Propagation and channel modeling at new spectrum bands, from 3 to 100 GHz, including antenna design at these bands;
  • 5G spectrum availability and regulatory issues; and
  • Innovative architectures and systems needed to build out the capacity demands of tomorrow.

“With 5G research still in the early phases, the industry has an incomplete view of the key requirements of a new technology generation,” said Lauri Oksanen, conference sponsor and vice president, Research and Technology, NSN.

“However, we know that demand for capacity and network quality is growing fast, so we’ll need to be able to boost network capacity far beyond the 1000x expected during this decade. It is important to make sure that as an industry we understand the new demands and share the way forward regarding the technological enablers.”

The Summit will feature keynote speeches, oral presentations, poster sessions and panel discussions. Leaders from the FCC, AT&T, Intel, Ericsson, Samsung, Huawei, China Mobile, NTT DOCOMO, Fraunhofer Institute, National Instruments (NI) and universities (NYU, University of California at San Diego, Stanford, The University of Texas at Austin, University of Bristol) are scheduled to participate. IEEE, the world’s largest engineering organization, is providing live coverage of the event through the IEEE TV network.

“This forum will enable industry and academia to lay the groundwork for 5G by addressing the very important questions of usability of potential new spectrum. These include channel models and measurements at new frequency bands (3-100 GHz), spectrum and regulatory issues and the feasibility of large scale antenna arrays at these frequency bands,” added Oksanen.

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