Three UK get exclusive on HTC Desire Eye and HTC Re

Three is the only UK operator to offer the new HTC Desire Eye smartphone alongside the brand new Re handheld camera

Three has announced that following HTC’s announcement this evening it will be the only UK operator to range the HTC Desire Eye as well as HTC’s brand new innovative imaging product, the Re handheld camera.

The Desire Eye includes a market-leading 13MP front and rear camera you can crop, zoom and print with ease. Utilising Three’s 4G network where available that comes at no extra cost or its fast 3G network, users can edit and share their photos and videos, effortlessly.

Sylvia Chind, head of devices at Three said:

“We are delighted that Three is the exclusive operator partner for the HTC Desire Eye in the UK. The new Re camera opens up a new world of creative opportunity and by utilising the many editing and upload features, our customers can share their videos and photos effortlessly across our reliable network.”

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