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BlackBerry and PATEO to Deliver Integrated Digital Cockpit in more models

PATEO's intelligent digital cockpit uses multimodal technology to support interactions across multiple screens

PATEO’s intelligent cockpit, PATEO CONNECT+, will be powered by BlackBerry QNX technology and put into mass production in more than ten individual models across five OEMs, including VOYAHHozon New Energy (NETA), a top private car company in China and two international automakers.

Leveraging the QNX Neutrino Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and QNX Hypervisor to create an intelligent digital cockpit that delivers a more personalized and interactive driving experience, the collaboration marks another milestone following the two companies’ agreement earlier this year to launch a pilot integrating BlackBerry IVY within PATEO’s Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions with a leading Chinese automobile manufacturer’s all-electric model line-up.

“As the market leader for safety-certified embedded software in the automotive sector, BlackBerry is committed to providing a safe, reliable, and secure software foundation for our partners” said Dhiraj Handa, VP, Asia Pacific region at BlackBerry.

“Underpinned by BlackBerry QNX technology, we’re pleased that PATEO’s leading-edge intelligent cockpit has been so heartily embraced by both Chinese and global automakers, enabling growing numbers of drivers around the world to get a first-hand look at where the future of the technology-enabled, in-car experience is headed.”  

PATEO’s intelligent digital cockpit uses multimodal technology to support interactions across multiple screens, including the cluster and centre console, while offering the driver a more natural human-computer interaction (HCI) experience through an AI-based voice activated assistant.

Augmented by a rich application ecosystem containing multimedia and navigation options, the cockpit provides deep customization capabilities to meet the diverse driving needs of the user.

Ken (Yilun) YING, founder and Chairman of PATEO, said:

“BlackBerry is a leader in the embedded automotive software market and has gone from building secure mobile phones that changed the world to spearheading innovations in the software-defined vehicle space that are revolutionizing how cars are designed and driven.

The latest cooperation between PATEO and BlackBerry will bring drivers and passengers alike a safer, more efficient and personalized cockpit experience while ensuring system security and reliability.

We look forward to deepening our work together and building on our initial successes with automakers to usher in the next-generation of intelligent vehicle experiences.”

Combining the high computing power of the Qualcomm Snapdragon SA8155 processor alongside the QNX Neutrino RTOS and QNX Hypervisor, PATEO CONNECT+ is both flexible and scalable.

BlackBerry QNX software also enables PATEO to consolidate multiple systems with mixed criticality and different operating environments onto a single powerful hardware and software platform, reducing both the initial development and long-term costs of ownership while still ensuring the highest standards of functional safety and security, providing an enhanced, unified and integrated user experience to all passengers.