Motorola announces Moto 360 Android Wear device

Following Google’s of its new wearable device platform, Android Wear, Motorola has announced its first device with the software, the Moto 360.

The focus here is primarily on the design, materials and experience of the watch as a piece of jewelry more than just as a technologically “smart” device.

Motorola is using high-quality metals, leather and precision manufacturing to make the Moto 360 in a way that it “begs to be worn,” according to the promotional videos.

Motorola comments that other smartwatches that are all square or rectangular, explaining that when it went to design Moto 360, it had to go round.

Of course at the core of things it is running Android Wear, with all of the same functions we’re seeing shown off from Google and others — “Ok Google” voice control, Google Now card-style information and messaging functions are all here.

Motorola says that Moto 360 will come “in a variety of styles” around the world — starting in the U.S.[signoff predefined=”Enjoy this?” icon=”icon-users”][/signoff]