BlackBerry's India managing director Narendra Nayak has quit the company, two years after joining. Nayak was responsible for driving BlackBerry's software and services business through all channels in India, direct enterprise customers, network operators, distribution partners and BlackBerry's growing ecosystem of indirect channels in India
In 2013, Good Technology hired former Motorola executive Christy Wyatt to replace outgoing CEO King Lee. She promptly shook up the management staff and raised $65 million in private equity.
Motorola is launching a new Gold Moto 360 model today that will exclusively be stocked in the UK by O2. Available for pre-order online exclusively from O2, the Moto 360 blends the latest smartwatch specs with a traditional watch look.
The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published the new 4FF nano-SIM standard a week after it announced having chosen the final design. It was rumored that Apple's nano-SIM design won over the the one proposed by the Nokia, Motorola, and RIM consortium, but now we know that for sure.
RIM and Motorola have put forward a new proposal, an updated design of their 4FF Nano-SIM, and a compromise which it is hoped that Apple will accept. The Nano-SIM wars have been raging for a while now, with the claws coming out back in March when Apple on one side, and Nokia, Rim and Motorola on the other, pushed for their own designs in terms of SIM shrinkage.